Treachery Lurks in Shinobi no Ittoki TV Anime Trailer


Deception and danger lurk just beneath the surface, and now a new preview video (below), a new key visual (above), and three new cast members have been revealed for Shinobi no Ittoki, an upcoming original TV anime about an ordinary high school boy who discovers he's the heir to a long line of spies and assassins. The new cast members include:


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Aoi Yuki as Kirei Kisegawa.



Hitomi Sekine as Ryoko Suzuno.



And Miyu Tomita as Satomi Tsubaki.




The story of Shinobi no Ittoki follows the all-too-ordinary Ittoki Sakuraba, who suddenly learns he's the heir to a long line of ninja after surviving an attack from the rival Koga clan. In order to survive, Ittoki learns to become a ninja of the Iga clan and joins the ongoing conflict.




Shinobi no Ittoki is directed by Shu Watanabe and features animation production by TROYCA. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan beginning in October of 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © DMM・TROYCA / Shinobi no Ittoki Production Committee




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