Voice Actress Sora Amamiya Shows Off Her Clumsy Cuteness in Bourbon Whiskey CM




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She puts a slice of surume (dried squid), not a slice of bread, in her mouth and says, "Oh no! I'm late, I'm late!" as if she were the protagonist of some story. Along with the lines we've heard somewhere before, such as "What's in the world is going to happen to me~!?" and "Tee-he, this is a fun drink!," she is depicted enjoying a can of Jim Beam Highball poured into a mug full of ice. In the end, she declares, "Play Highball!" 





She also wrote on Twitter, "What a surprise!!! I was asked to appear in a commercial for JimBeam Highball Can! I was so excited and wondered if I could handle a live-action commercial! I was so nervous, but I enjoyed filming the commercial because it had a comedic touch to it. It's going to be an interesting commercial that makes use of my "voice acting" skills, so please look forward to it!"










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