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Kotaro Lives Alone – Photo Credits: Netflix
As you know, with each new month come new anime titles on Netflix that you are definitely going to want to tune in to, and March 2022 is certainly no exception. But before we officially welcome this new month in, let’s take a quick look at what we were blessed with previously.
In February 2022, Netflix gave us Sword Art Online season 4, Child of Kamiari Month, and The Orbital Children part 2 — three of the most intriguing sci-fi series we’ve ever seen. Each of these titles implemented sci-fi in their own way, be it with horror or with a coming-of-age story and, though they are vastly different from one another, they all left a lasting impression on us.
Of course, the February 2022 anime titles are still available to watch or re-watch on Netflix at any time, but if you are in the mood for something new, then let’s dive into this March 2022 anime lineup.
The anime titles this month are sure to be just as great as last month. Without further ado, here are the anime you can check out in March 2022.
Release Date: March 10
Coming in first is none other than the heartwarming anime Kotaro Lives Alone.
In this title, we are joined by a five-year-old boy named Kotaro Sato, who is tasked with the huge responsibility of raising himself. With Kotaro being so young and unknowing, he is not privy to the many complexities that come with living alone and learning how to survive. Fortunately, he comes across a manga artist named Shin Karino who grows to like Kotaro enough to take him into his care.
Kotaro and Shin set off on this new chapter in their lives that is sure to be full of plenty of uncertainties and trials, but as long as they have one another, they’ll be just fine.
The official trailer for Kotaro Lives Alone here:
If the trailer already moved your heart, then the entire series is sure to make you shed a tear or two. However, if you’re someone who is going to need a pick-me-up right after binge-watching Kotaro Lives Alone, then the next title on this list is going to be perfect for you.
Release Date: March 15
Music and anime come together to create a beautiful masterpiece in the upcoming anime title Adam By Eve: A Live in Animation.
Japanese singer-songwriter Eve gives us a musical experience like no other as he blends some of his best hits with unique art that is sure to take your breath away. What’s more, this title showcases different art styles, including but not limited to surrealist art, geometric art, and abstract art, all of which do a perfect job at capturing Eve’s unique talent.
You definitely have to see it to believe it! Check out the official trailer for Adam By Eve: A Live in Animation in the video below.
The trailer is absolutely mind-blowing, so much so that we believe this film will serve as many anime and music lovers’ muse. If you’re an anime or music fan, don’t forget to check out this title as soon as it drops.
There’s so much more where that came from! Read on to learn about the other anime title you can expect to release the same day as Adam By Eve.
Release Date: March 15
Netflix loves One Piece, and One Piece fans certainly love Netflix. But fans’ love for the site may have just doubled now that Netflix is adding One Piece Film: Strong World, one of the most popular films in the anime’s franchise.
The film, which was officially released in 2009, is beloved by all mostly because of its many action scenes, hilarious jokes, great themes, and, of course, its superb storytelling. However, what fans loved (and still love) about this title the most is its ability to make them feel invincible and strong enough to handle any situation, just like Monkey D. Luffy.
If you haven’t watched this film, you’re in for a great treat. Before you tune in, though, read the official synopsis via One Piece Film: Strong World‘s wiki page:

Now that you’ve read what’s in store for this upcoming release, you might as well see it, too. The official trailer for One Piece Film: Strong World is right here.
So far in this March 2022 anime list, we’ve got a coming-of-age title, a modern art title, and an action-adventure title. All that’s left is a historical anime series! Fortunately, the final anime title fills the spot — well, sort of.
Release Date: March 28
Thermae Romae Novae is our last anime title on the list. But fair warning, this anime is nothing, absolutely nothing, like what you expect it to be.
Through some wild accident, a bathhouse architect named Lucius from Ancient Rome ends up in the future, where everything is much different from what he knows. From being confused by how toilets operate to not knowing what a bath slipper is, he’s definitely out of his element. Thankfully, his stroke of bad luck isn’t all that bad as he sees this new experience as an opportunity to gather some much-needed inspiration for his next bathhouse design.
How in the world will Lucius survive modern-day Japan and what obstacles will he face as he navigates new technology? We’ll have to watch every episode to find out, but while we wait, we can enjoy this hysterical official trailer for Thermae Romae Novae below.
And there you have it! Four of the best anime titles coming to Netflix this month.
With this list in mind, it’s clear that Netflix is certainly upping its anime game. What’s on the way next month? Will it be just as good? Will April 2022’s anime title break the internet? We’ll have to wait to find out the answers to these questions. Until then, stay tuned for more anime on Netflix.
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