Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 Episode 12: Release date, where to watch, and more – Sportskeeda

Komi Can’t Communicate touched upon an array of elements in their previous episode that fans certainly enjoyed. Despite Yamai’s inappropriate theatrics, fans seemed to enjoy the fact that Komi seemed to be interested in Shogi, which was quite interesting to witness. After the end of the said episode, fans are now eagerly waiting in anticipation for the upcoming episode as they want to see the relationship between Komi and Tadano unfurl and develop even further.
The series follows a strict release schedule for all its episodes and based on that, fans can expect the upcoming episode to be released in a few days’ time. Here’s what we know about episode 12 of Komi Can’t Communicate.
According to the release schedule of Komi Can’t Communicate, the upcoming episode will be released on June 23, 2022 at midnight in Japan. The episodes will be released according to the schedule unless unforeseen circumstances delay the release process. Based on the release schedule that is being followed by Netflix, the aforementioned episode will be available sometime around July 13, 2022.
The episode began with Komi not wanting to go to school because of that one particular event of the previous episode. However, her mother convinced her to go to school because she would otherwise miss out on a perfect attendance record. She decided to go school where she was greeted by Onemine. The latter complimented her chocolates and was further praised by some of her other classmates as well. In an attempt to not be embarrassed by the previous night, she glared at Tadano as he greeted her in the morning. Tadano was trying hard to think about possible reasons that could have upset her. But, he decided to praise her efforts for the chocolates she made, following which Komi ran out of the classroom.
Yamai being the pervert that she is, took pictures of Komi without her knowledge. She then realized that her tights had a tiny tear, and took her to the washroom. She gave her a new pair and helped Komi out. But she reverted to her inappropriate ways and stole her torn tights and ran out of the washroom. Onigashime seemed quite irritated on her way to school, and her day only got worse. Just when she was about to snap, Komi saved her earphones from falling into the sink, untangled them, and gave them to her.
The focus of Komi Can’t Communicate episode 11 then shifted to Satou Amami. She is the type of person who never says no to others and is always willing to assist them. Many others took advantage of her kindness and slacked off as a result. After an encounter with Tadano and Komi, however, things changed. The two volunteered their support to Amami, who was overjoyed to receive assistance from her friends. After that, Komi seemed to be interested in Shogi, so she chose to read Katou’s book. Tadano got involved as well. The two were, however, a little moody because they disagreed on so many things.


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