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If you love everything that comes from the mind of Junji Ito, then you’re certainly going to love the famous mangaka’s upcoming Netflix anime series, Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre.
The Netflix title will combine some of the best pieces Ito has made in his career to create an experience like no other. What’s more, this title is set to expand a tad more on a few characters that you know and love from Ito’s past works. So if you’ve been itching to see Tomie again in all her gore and horror, this is definitely a title you don’t want to miss.
Are you dying to know more about Maniac? We got you covered! Read on to learn everything there is to know about Junji Ito’s soon-coming anime.
Maniac comprises twenty of Junji Ito’s original stories. Some stories, such as the stories in Tomie and Souichi, are very well-known in the anime community. While others, likeThe Hanging Balloons, are stories begging to be in the spotlight. Either way, fans will be ecstatic to see many of Ito’s best pieces animated for the first time.
As was anticipated, Ito has a huge role to play in this project. Namely, he’s ensuring that both long-time and new fans can enjoy all of these tales in the way he’s always intended fans to do so. Whether that’s through helping animators properly capture facial expressions or providing writers with details needed to tell these stories, Ito is determined to see his work be breathtakingly brought to life.
Check out this video of Junji Ito thoroughly explaining his pieces and how he can’t wait for millions of Netflix subscribers to experience the extraordinary masterpiece that will be Maniac.
Maniac is confirmed to release on Netflix in 2023.
At this time, we don’t have an official date for the title, nor do we have a trailer, cast list, episode count, and age rating. However, we’re sure we’ll have all this information as the next year draws closer.
As we wait for Junji Ito’s new Netflix title to be available on our screens, be sure to watch the Junji Ito Collection streaming right now on Crunchyroll or stream all sorts of horror anime on Netflix.
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