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Kyoto Animation has announced two new anime in the Sound! Euphonium series. The first will cover the Ensemble Contest Arc and will release in 2023, while the second will cover the Kumiko Third Year Arc and will release in 2024.
It was also revealed that the anime for the Ensemble Contest Arc will be released on Blu-ray and in theaters, while the Kumiko Third Year Arc, which was announced back in 2019, will be a TV series.
Aside from the new anime, a summer concert was announced for August 13 and 14 with Line Cube Shibuya as the venue. Anisong artist TRUE will appear at the concert. There will also be cast appearances, with the first day featuring “Liz Team” and the second day featuring “Eupho Team.” The concert promises a “completely different” experience for each day, with the setlists and recitations tailored to the respective cast lineup.
Sound! Euphonium is based on the Takarajimasha-published light novels written by Ayano Takeda with cover art by Nikki Asada, which began in 2013 and includes several short story anthologies and spin-offs in addition to the main volumes. The most recent book is the Tobitatsu Kimi no Se wo Miageru spin-off that was released in 2021. A manga adaptation by Hami began in 2014 and ended with the “third season” in 2017.
Yen Press describes the plot as:
After a terrible disappointment at the All-Kyoto Concert Band Competition, music has lost its spark for Kumiko. But her first year at Kitauji High School is a chance for a fresh start. So when it comes time to choose a club, she can’t resist joining the band again–even though they’re simply terrible. The strict new club director has promised to whip them into shape to reach Nationals, but the trouble runs deeper than just a lack of practice. Plus, the discord within the club tugs at Kumiko’s old insecurities. Will Kitauji High School find its rhythm before the competition? Will Kumiko?
The first two seasons of the anime aired in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Several movies have been released as well, including 2016’s Sound! Euphonium The Movie-Welcome to the Kitauji High School Concert Band-,  2017’s Sound! Euphonium The Movie -May the melody reach you!-, the 2018 spin-off movie Liz and the Blue Bird, the 2019’s Sound! Euphonium Movie 3: Chikai no Finale
Tatsuya Ishihara directed most of the entries, and served as chief director on -May the melody reach you!- and as chief supervisor on Liz and the Blue Bird respectively. Taichi Ogawa directed the former, while Naoko Yamada helmed the latter.
Aside from Liz and the Blue Bird, the Sound! Euphonium anime had series composition and script writing from Jukki Hanada and character designs by the late Shouko Ikeda. Meanwhile, the spin-off movie was written by Reiko Yoshida with character designs from the late Futoshi Nishiya.
Sources: KyoaniChannel, @anime_eupho


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