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The new Resident Evil series has made Zootopia fanfiction canon, leading to some rather confused reactions from fans on social media.
Yesterday, July 14th, the Netflix streaming platform released the latest instalment in the iconic Resident Evil franchise; a reimagining of the main video game storyline.
Whilst the series has been met with extremely disappointing reviews from fans and critics alike, scoring only a 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and 3.4/10 on IMDB, there are at least some good memes coming out of it.
One of the more unusual lines of the entire show, and possibly the entire Resident Evil franchise, is going viral online after it makes Zootopia fanfiction canon within the iconic horror franchise.
The pilot episode of the new Resident Evil series is packed full of unusual references to internet culture, including 4chan, anime torrenting site Nyaa, furries and a certain online hub for adult material. However, one specific joke reference has certainly confused fans as to why it’s involved in the series at all.
In the very first episode of the 2022 Resident Evil series, one of the two main characters seemingly out-of-the-blue joke reference about how all she reads Zootopia fanfiction – the ‘adult kind’.
The family animated adventure spawned countless memes when it premiered back in 2016; however, the film also became infamous online for images relating to Rule34 – a classic internet joke of how “If it exists online, there’s adult material of it online.”
The Zootopia reference is thankfully never revisited again during the rest of the series, but fans around the world are now sharing their reactions to the animated movie becoming canon within the Resident Evil universe.
To pull from a third franchise, “Sometimes dead is better…”

“Resident Evil 2 with Zootopia Parody” by @cicakkia: #Zootopia #ResidentEvil2 #RE2
It’s safe to say that fans of the new Resident Evil series are certainly rather perplexed at the inclusion of the Zootopia reference, let alone in such an off-handed manner.
User ‘Scraffyracoon’ noted how they “Never thought I would here ‘Zootopia p***’ in something relating to RESIDENT EVIL” with ‘WreckinRod’ adding “Why is there a line about reading Zootopia p*** in the Resident Evil Netflix series???”
“Imagine being a long time day-one fan of Resident Evil and having survived this long in life only for someone to toss a Zootopia Rule 34 reference into the next live-action instalment.” – User Veelumati, via Twitter.
User ‘Levit0’ says “Thus far, I’ve heard the Netflix Resident Evil show has: -Mentions of Zootopia p*** -A character named Billie, who looks like Billie Eilish and walks into one of her songs. Why is it so hard to make a decent live-action Resident Evil thing?”
“All I know about Resident Evil is it takes place in a world where you can just find Zootopia p*** but Deca-Dence is some sort of exclusive contraband and Nyaa is underground” – User gtcaphi, via Twitter.
However, a few of the posts relating to Zootopia becoming canon in Resident Evil are quite humorous. One user noted how the adult fanfiction will “be the cure in the resident evil show” with another adding how the show is “bold enough to bring [it] up” but the series is “not bold enough to show it, this is a show for cowards.”
“Netflix made a resident evil TV show and I want you to the the first episode features a high school fight over being vegan, lemon stealing w***** reference and “Disney’s Zootopia” p*** is mentioned…The script is…..Bad.” – User Outcaststars, via Twitter.
If Resident Evil returns for a second season on Netflix, will we see more outlandish and unusual joke internet references made? Find out more about the chances of season 2 here.
Zootopia:Resident Evil 4 DLC #Zootopia by chochi
By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]
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