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Roblox Anime Punching Simulator codes can be used to redeem many rewards, such as coins, weapons, and even boosts and energies, which can be used to become even more potent.
Whether it’s Eren’s Titan Punch or All Might’s Detroit Smash, anime fans love their punches and get the opportunity to play a simulation of them in Roblox’s Anime Punching Simulator, based just on these shows.
Players have a lot to do in-game, from progressing classes to completing anime storylines based to visiting other dimensions and so much more. But first, they need to earn power to accomplish these tasks and explore. This power can be achieved by users by punching, as the game name suggests.
To help them avoid the task of all this tiresome punching, Anime Punching Simulator has some codes for gamers to use, which they tend to release every month.
Even though redeeming codes in Roblox seems easy, it isn’t easy in some situations. For instance, redeeming simple codes with alphabets and numbers is relatively easy, but codes with special characters are comparatively tricky. This is why copying and pasting codes is a better idea than typing them, as it lowers the chances of typing errors.
Like all Roblox codes, this game’s creators have not stated when the codes below will expire, so players should redeem them as soon as possible.
Here are the active and valid codes available for Roblox Anime Punching Simulator in June 2022:
Codes in Roblox don’t stay valid for a long duration. Luckily, there are no expired codes in Anime Punching Simulator yet.
Follow these easy steps to redeem the code in the game:
Players can find more valid Roblox Anime Punching Simulator codes on AtanHero’s Twitter account, as codes will be posted here regularly. Players can also come across new codes by joining the official Blockzone Discord server and keeping an eye on their official Twitter handle.


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