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SPRIGGAN – Cr. Netflix
The anime series Spriggan is yet another solid anime subscribers can enjoy, and many people may already be keen to know everything they can about a possible Spriggan season 2.
Netflix has been a juggernaut when it comes to its anime releases, and the streamer continues to impress with each new addition. So far, some exceptional titles that have been put out include Castlevania, Yasuke and Pacific Rim: The Black.
Spriggan is based on the legendary manga by Ryōji Minagawa and Hiroshi Takashige. After 30 years, the landmark action manga is reborn for the small screen, and Spriggan, the hit comic with ten million copies printed, is now another excellent entry in Netflix’s library. There was no shortage of action-packed excitement and intriguing storylines, proving that the series is a worthwhile show for fans old and new.
The first season undoubtedly entertained fans from start to finish, and it makes perfect sense that after the credits rolled on the debut chapter that viewers would start to inquire as to what is happening with Spriggan season 2.
It isn’t easy these days to get a renewal from the streaming giant. Nothing is guaranteed, and it has never been more difficult for new shows on Netflix to get a continuation order. So far, Spriggan has yet to get a renewal and the status of season 2 of the anime series is unknown.
It isn’t unusual for a renewal notice to take some time to come out if it is destined to happen, and there is probably still plenty of time for the people that make those decisions to determine if another set of episodes is in the cards for Spriggan. It will be interesting to see what the future folds for season 2 on Netflix.
The good news regarding any follow-up iteration is that if a show hasn’t officially been canceled that it still means there is definitely a chance that more entries could come about. For now, there is no official news on the sequel season, but there are also no headlines stating that it has been canceled either.
With no renewal news or production status to speak of, it becomes inherently difficult to estimate a time of release for Spriggan season 2. But if speculation is the name of the game, then it would seem like a reasonable timetable as far as when the earliest it could arrive would ideally be sometime in the summer of 2023 to the end of that year.
Also, it is also important to point out that some Netflix shows tend to take their time between installments means the sophomore outing could take more than a year to show up. But again, this is just a guess at this time.
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