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By Nick Valdez
Spy x Family is getting ready to end its debut slate of episodes for the Spring 2022 anime season, and the newest episode of the series saw Anya Forger earning a major award that takes Operation Strix one step closer to its success. The anime adaptation for Tatsuya Endo’s original manga series will be ending its first half of episodes for the Spring before taking a break during the Summer and coming back for new episodes this Fall. That means the series’ penultimate episode for the Spring has taken some crucial steps in setting up the anime’s future to come. 
The newest episode of the series help to establish what direction the Forger Family will be taking when it returns for the second half of its first season later this Fall, and with it has seen Anya finally accomplish something major. She had been rushing to earn eight Stella Stars in order to help her father accomplish his mission, and took one critical step forward when she actually does earn one of these sought after stars and becomes the first person in her grade to do so. Check it out below as spotted by @hourlysxf on Twitter: 
anya getting her first stella star! pic.twitter.com/DVYBnIMl9O
Episode 11 of Spy x Family saw Loid trying to push Anya in volunteer work since her grades would likely never get her a Stella Star. Noting that the other routes to earning them were either community service work or perhaps saving someone’s life (which was very rare), the latter ends up happening. Although Anya is nowhere near good at any of the volunteer tasks she attempts, her powers actually come in handy when she is able to sense a boy drowning and follow his thoughts to jump into a pool and save him before the worst happens
This shows Anya that her powers can not only be used for good, but also gives her the first Stella Star she needs (instead of the Tonitrus Bolt that she earned on her first day) to further help her father’s secret mission. It’s a pretty big step forward for the Forger Family as a whole, and it’s a much needed win for Anya after she’s gone through so much to try and make due with her new life at Eden Academy. 
How did you like seeing Anya earning her first Stella Star? Did she earn it in a way that you expected? What are you hoping to see from Anya next as the series continues with new episodes this Fall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!
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