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Anime is a major part of Netflix’s library, which has had astronomical growth in the last couple of years. 
With new shows being added regularly, they have become a respectable alternative to anime exclusive streaming sites and have also deterred many from piracy. 
Here is a list of the top 10 anime on Netflix currently available in Bangladesh.
Competent storytelling, likeable and stylistic characters, quirky dialogues and jam-packed action makes Yu Yu Hakusho one of the better shonens out there. What separates it from the rest is how it properly balances the serious tones with light humour in a clever manner. However the age of the show becomes evident through its animation and music reminiscent of the 90′ time period.
Demon Slayer may not have the most compelling storytelling from the list, but it’s mesmerising visuals more than make up for it. Having some of the most captivating action scenes in anime and inspirational characters evoking strong emotions, Demon Slayer is a great watch for most.
Cowboy Bebop is a show that can be recommended to anyone. Its retro-futuristic setup and non-linear yet conclusive approach of storytelling makes it an entertaining watch. Moreover, the mature characters and upbeat soundtracks give the show a sophisticated touch.
Only 12 episodes long, Madoka Magica is the shortest anime on this list. It may look like a typical shoujo anime akin to the likes of Sailor Moon, but in actuality it is the very opposite. The show gets very dark through its portrayal of violence, horror, and the saddening psychological ramifications of being a magical girl.
Despite being on an indefinite hiatus, Hunter x Hunter has not lost any of its relevance. With one of the best power systems in anime, the show is filled with amazing battle arcs which incessantly keep the viewers on their toes. Many might be discouraged by the show’s seemingly childish appearance, but Hunter x Hunter is at the upper echelon of battle anime supported by a well thought story and an amazing cast, especially the villains.
Coming from the same author, Mob Psycho is very much similar to One Punch Man with its beautiful fluid animations, light hearted comedy and incredible fight scenes. But the show brings more to the table by documenting the personal growth of Mob and the other characters, teaching valuable life lessons along the way. 
Haikyuu may have a typical underdog shonen setup, but is the embodiment of the significance of teamwork in achieving success in the direst situations. It depicts the sport of volleyball in a way that even those not interested in sports anime can appreciate it. But the greatest strength of the show is how it explores the backstories and relations of all the characters while following their development, enabling the viewers to cheer for them in their joys and lament in their hardships
Not much needs to be said about Jojos, as its aesthetic vibe and bold artstyle make it the most unique show on this list. Its outlandish mix of fun and serious tones gives it a distinctive vibe, and the sophisticated powers and battles makes it a thrill to enjoy.
Critically acclaimed, Death Note represents the clashing ideologies of the genius protagonists brilliantly. Its masterful storytelling keeps the viewers on the edge in anticipation of what is to come next. The suspense, unpredictability and mould breaking characters make it one of the best anime out there. 
Code Geass follows one of the best protagonists in anime whose brilliance is brought down to earth through his flaws and emotions as he strives to fulfil his quest in a world of politics, betrayals and fortuitous plot twists. The story is complex outlining consequences, the supporting cast have gravity to their character and the show has one of the greatest endings ever made.
Aside from these, Netflix has many other anime which could also be placed in the top 10 like Assasination Classroom, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Punch Man, Great Teacher Onizuka, Gurren Lagann, Naruto, Evangelion, Steins;Gate, Psycho-Pass, Dorohedoro, Spy x Family, To Your Eternity and more. 
Netflix also has some top notch originals like Devilman Crybaby and Great Pretender.
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