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Discover where you can watch Vinland Saga in your region, both in sub and dub.
Set in 11th-century England, Vinland Saga’s medieval tale of revenge and loss has been one of the biggest new series in recent years. Now, with Vinland Saga Season 2 announced, more fans than ever want to see what this historical anime is about! If that’s you, discover where you can watch Vinland Saga online in both sub and dub.
Right now, the best place for most people to watch Vinland Saga outside of Japan is on Amazon Prime. However, that will soon change.
Amazon Prime streamed Vinland Saga when it was released in 2019 both in Japan and worldwide. The series has since appeared on other platforms, including Netflix in Japan.
It was announced alongside the reveal of Vinland Saga Season 2 that, to promote the upcoming season, the first instalment will become available on more streaming platforms.
According to the Vinland Saga website, viewers in North America and the UK will be able to watch the series on either Netflix or HIDIVE. The series will be streaming on Netflix in all regions except China.
Vinland Saga is not currently available on Crunchyroll.
It has been announced that the series will be arriving on Crunchyroll in July. However, this will only be for certain Central European regions.
Viewers in North America, Asia and the UK won’t be able to watch Vinland Saga on Crunchyroll.
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Yes, Vinland Saga can be watched on Netflix.
Currently, the series is only available on Netflix in Japan. However, that is scheduled to change.
From July 7th, Vinland Saga should be available on Netflix in all regions worldwide except China. It’s expected that the series will be available with subtitles and with the option of an English dub.
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Yes, you can watch Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime.
The first season of Vinland Saga was premiered and streamed on Amazon Prime worldwide. The season is still available on the platform.
There is no dub available for Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime. There has been no news regarding whether one will appear on the platform as of yet.
Currently, the Vinland Saga English dub is only available on Netflix Japan and the home video release by Sentai Filmworks.
However, with Vinland Saga coming to more streaming platforms soon, it’s expected the dub will also follow suit.
While unconfirmed, when Vinland Saga becomes available on Netflix and HIDIVE (owned by Sentai) worldwide in July, it’s expected that their dubs will also be available on both platforms.
It’s worth noting that Vinland Saga’s dubs on Netflix and Sentai/HIDIVE are completely different, produced by different groups with different casts.
The opinion is split regarding which dub is better, so you might want to just choose your preferred platform.


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